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In addition to our prime focus in freeze-drying ingredients, our organisation is also involved in the restaurant business and beverages manufacturing since the past 25 years. We have a very well developed supply chain and efficient human resource owing to our vast network nationally and internationally. A product is only as good as its ingredients. We have tasked ourselves with delivering only the best raw materials to the food industry - with consistent, reliable quality. To achieve this, we use the best natural products from the world's best plantations. We dry these carefully selected raw materials utilising the most gentle of processes.


Freeze-drying is a process where the natural products are frozen and then placed into a vacuum. The ice crystals formed in the product are then sublimated into water vapor, while the cell structure of the original product remains intact. Freeze dried products retain their original nutritional value, texture, shape and taste. The end product is as fresh as the original food, with just the water removed! When re-hydrated with water, it rehydrates to resemble the original natural product.